Adam Schiff has been the leading voice calling to impeach President Trump on baseless and unfounded charges since the day he took office.  First, it was Russia. Chairman Schiff repeatedly went on TV and promised the American people incriminating evidence proving President Trump colluded with Russia but never delivered. 


Now, Schiff is trying to impeach President Trump based on a whistleblower report he knew about before it was even written and a "quote" of President Trump's that he made up entirely in his head. Many have said he likely helped write it himself. Schiff has Trump Derangement Syndrome so badly that he'll do anything to take down President Trump.


Members of the House of Representatives,


Chairman Adam Schiff has repeatedly and intentionally lied to his constituents and the American people regarding alleged crimes committed by the President of the United States. His fabrication of President Trump's words during his opening statement before the Director the DNI testified before his Committee was a most serious breach of the public trust. 


Schiff's baseless and unfounded accusations have done irreparable damage to our nation that can only be rectified by his impeachment and expulsion from Congress. Chairman Schiff is a disgrace and his lies about President Donald Trump are an embarrassment to our country and our Congress. 


We, the signers of this petition, demand the House of Representatives impeach Chairman Schiff and investigate his roll in the writing of the Ukrainian whistleblower complaint.